A New School Year Begins

Classes start next week, so the College is already working hard to ensureĀ  that students fresh from high school will … More

Personal Identity

Christina Conroy (Morehead State U): Branch-Relative Identity: Quantum mechanics implies a ranching metaphysics (the many-worlds interpretation). But in multiple branching … More

Gender and Personhood

This is the text of the talk I’m giving today in Lund. Giusy Gallo’s comments follow. I’ve included a few … More

Theodicy and Temporality

JJ MacIntosh (U Calgary): : A bit of explanation about Hick and Ireanean theodicies. Survival of bodily death is necessary … More

Personalism and Education

Jerzy Krol (Chelm, Poland): Modern man is lonely and homeless because he has abandoned traditional values. In this post-modern condition … More

Cycling in Lund

I’ve been in Lund for a week and it’s given me an opportunity to think about the differences between Red … More