PD session : mind mapping

Mind mapping is an important tool for comprehension and retention. Read chapter first. Get an overview of the chapter. Start … More

PD 16 Dec. 2014

The Forward Looking Curriculum Is the educational stage set? Situation: 30 Chinese students at RDC,standard intro course, explicit course outcomes, … More

PD 16 Dec. 2014

Practical Realities Challenges faced in thee diverse classroom…and how to deal with them Finding commonalities: What are the general causes … More

PD 16 Dec. 2014

The Classroom Experience in 2015 The same as 2005, 1995, or 1985? Diversity within diversity Steady immigration and outspread. RD … More

PD session 16 Dec. 2014

Paul XXX, Vancouver Island Community College Introductory story: Assisting another student on a quiz in Arab culture. When is it … More