I’m a middle aged guy living in Victoria BC. I’ve been married since 2007.

For fifteen years, I taught first and second year philosophy at RDC . In a small program such as ours, I used to necessarily count myself a generalist, but research interests include  philosophy of religion and science, especially evolutionary biology, and the theory of rational choice.I’ve also been the host of our library’s Philosophers’ Cafes for all that time and, for the last five years, the moderator of RDC’s annual World Religions Conference, which my department co-hosts with Calgary’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

I’ve also been climbing, hiking, and skiing since 1980, mostly in the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest, but with occasional forays to Alaska, California, the Yukon, Mexico, and Peru. A few years ago, my wife and I started kayaking and we’ve explored rivers and lakes across BC and Alberta in addition to some ocean kayaking around Vancouver Island. More recently, I’ve given up on telemark sking and ice climbing (which  largely consumed my winter time) in favour of alpine touring. My friends Ross, Zach, and Jon have subjected me to an arduous apprenticeship in this beautiful sport.


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  1. I am spending a short amount of time in your lovely province and I am trying to re-connect. This message is to let you know that I have one email address for you — which I will try — and that you can easily find me on the Web if you do not get immediate access to my email address (below). Cheers, Nat Treadway

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