PD 16 Dec. 2014

The Classroom Experience in 2015
The same as 2005, 1995, or 1985?
Diversity within diversity

Steady immigration and outspread. RD expects population growth due to immigration. In the past, students typically went through K-12 and college as a cohort.

Currently, new immigrant families and provincial/regional inflow may enter the educational system at different stages. Career changes, new employees, international students, regional/provincial inflow, and early retirees may create new PSE students.

Diversity will be the norm. Not all due to international students.
Student from the same country are not al alike. the successful instructor will get to know each one and understand that each international student may have the same problems as Canadian students.
We cannot lump students together by country if origin.Some students will sort themselves in a bimodal distribution on marks. This is a hard group to effectively teach.

Worldliness:ensure students are culturally aware and adept. Move them out of their comfort zone. Many students simply don’t know how the world works.

Some students are intensely competent with technology; others have no skills. Texting, e.g., allows students to stay in their cultural bubble. Set standards high. Construct commonality.

Respectful behavior is universal.
Immaturity is often masked by cultural differences.
Every student is here to learn something – but they will all learn different material.


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