The Animals Alpine Club

I ordered a copy of The Animals Alpine Club (1913) by Graham Clifton Bingham and illustrations by G.H. Thompson from the Canadian Alpine Club’s online store.  I was impressed that it was touted as Conrad Kain‘s favorite book, and I hoped it might prove interesting to young visitors to our home.

AAC_0001The story is banal and predictable: A hippo, lion, and elephant are guided up an Alpine peak by a team of bruin guides. Adventure and not-quite hilarity ensue. The story is recounted in clumsy verse.

AAC_0002En route to the summit, Leo takes a huge tumble but somehow manages to catch up to rest of the party, even though he’s unguided.

But here’s the weird bit: they spend the night in a hut and party it up, especially the hippo. Check out the bears!AAC_0003Fritz von Bruin is drunk, dancing on the table – and giving a Nazi salute! And this is 1913. In forty years, he’ll be rounding up hippos to make way for the Thousand Year Reich.

Frikking German bears. Nothing changes.


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