signs I don’t even understand

soft or firmHotel room options: do you like it soft or firm?

post no bills

Nothing invites posters like this warning. Warp 9, Scottie!

inflatable gamesSpotted at Red Deer College. I didn’t even know we had inflatable games.

west berlin

And then someone watched “The Third Man.” Love that Cold war cachet!

east berlin

Pudding Pan! It’s always always ripping off Blueberry.

hair wigHair Wig? As distinguished from what sort of other wig?

double negation? Of what?Stockholm.  This looks like a double negation to me.

okA hospital sign promoting hand sani.  But the index finger-thumb loop can mean “OK” or “zero”. It never means “many” or “wash your hands.”

expectationReally? Done any research on that? So if I buy a lottery ticket and expect to lose (as probability predicts) my expectation kills that possibility? So I doom myself to win?

goumet coffeeIf you have gourmet lattes at 39 cents, Starbucks is as dead as buggy whips.

moose harbourBut not since we got here!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALund, Sweden.  Most embarrassingly named beauty salon ever.

aggresive owlRed Deer. No, I’m worried about the aggressive pick up truck drivers.

lost guitarVancouver. Posted on a bar door, which is likely where he left it.

no coffee

Your choice. Freewill and all that.


“Don’t stand there while I poo!” Or something like that.

gental touchMy favorite. But the new location demands a name change, if you know what I mean.


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