Is Nothing Sacred?

Possibly one of the most disturbing revelations in the USADA report on Lance Armstrong’s doping career in the US Postal Service cycle team’s concerned its use of music:

Cycling champion and Armstrong teammate David Zabriskie, singing a song to team manager Johann Bruyneel about oxygen-boosting erythropoietin (EPO), to the tune of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”: “EPO all in my veins; Lately things just don’t seem the same; Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why; ’Scuse me while I pass this guy.”

Somehow I think Jimi Hendrix wouldn’t have approved of people using his music to promote drug use.




  1. Hallo Guillermo Barron!
    I walked the Padjelanta track in September and now Again in March on skies I will be happy answering your questions.
    First of all the route is an wery easy walk there are boards of timber at a lot of the place where there are Marsh/bog so it should be possible to do it in 7 days or maybe even 6 days. I used 10 but had a lot of time and spend a lot of time taking photos and video. The route is 133,7 km long (GPS) and there are a boat ride in both ends or maybe a helicopter ride if the Wind is blowing from the wrong direction. The 133,7 km is without the boatrides!
    I would do the route from Ritsem to Kvikkjokk for 3 reasons: the main Wind blows from West to North 70% of the time and Ritsem is 200 height meters higher than Kvikkjokk, not much but it all helps, and last if the Wind comes from the wrong direction the boat might not sail (from Ritem) and the only other option is helicopter which is much is easier to get in contact with from the Ritsem side than if you are waiting on the wrong side (there is a summer heliport at Ritsem)
    I don’t think there is a night train to Jokkmokk since it is mostly used for local trains but i believe that u fly to Stockholm. either you fly on to Kiruna or you take the night train to Narvik and get off in Gällivare and then the bus 93 to Ritsem.
    Home you take bus 94 from Kvikkjokk to Jokkmokk and then on to Murjekk where you take the night train back to Stockholm.
    You can buy maps in Ritsem if they have any left at the time, I would buy before and I will be happy to help you with that also. It is possible to buy food on the way but only on the STF huts and the selection is limited so don’t expect to much there, there is also a shop in Stalloluokta where they have some selection.
    I have been walking this region of Scandinavia for 30 years and know many other alternatives if you want other advise.

    Regards Klaus Andersen

    I could not find a way to send you a private message but if you post a reply on my mail I will ansver you there

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