running tunnel mountain

Since my accident back in February, I think my recovery has taken three distinct but overlapping phases. First, to protect the broken bones. Second, to recover flexibility and range of motion in my left shoulder consequent to immobilizing that shoulder for a month. And third, to recover strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity, all of which I lost while spending six weeks iPad-noodling on my couch. Granted, I still have some residual discomfort and stiffness in my shoulder. But the only time I really notice it is when attempting bunny hops while cycling.

So last weekend I was at the annual FARDC retreat in Banff. And as I’ve done most years there, I ran up Tunnel Mountain twice in succession, for a total vertical gain of about 580 m. My total time (timed by GPS) from the Banff Centre up to the summit, down to the road, back up to summit, and back down to  the road was 1h 22 min. In 2011, I did the same run in 1:29, and in 2009 1:14.

In 2010, I only ran to the summit once before veering off on a healthy riverside jaunt. My time to the summit was 28 min, compared to 26 min (2009), 30 min (2011), and 29 min (2012).

None of these times are extraordinary.  I shuffled my way to the summit, merely eking out 5 or 6 km/hr. But at least I’m close to where I was over the last few years and mountain running  will certainly be a strong component in my cross training  routine as I continue to recover.


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  1. You do realise, I hope, that it is possible to find videos of runs through the mountains on the internet — you don’t have to actually do it yourself…

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