hey, thanks, Mammut!

Sometimes  unexpected good  appears in the midst of an otherwise bleak situation. Two weeks ago, as I arrived at the Emergency Room at Nelson Hospital, the first thing the attending physicians and nurses did was to cut off  all the clothing  from my upper body. Understandable, since they  had to assume I had a neck injury. They struggled a bit with my avalanche beacon harness until I suggested they cut that off too. in for a penny, in for a pound, I figured.

Once home, I poked around on the web to see where I could find a replacement harness. But even MEC couldn’t find one for me. So I emailed Mammut (the manufacturers of my Barryvox beacon) directly and politely inquired where I could buy a replacement harness.

That was on Thursday, 1 March. The same day I received a reply from Jason Brisson of Mammut asking for a shipping address and offering to replace the harness free of charge.  And Jason was as good as his word. The harness was waiting at my office on Sunday.

That’s exceptional service well beyond what one might expect. So thanks to you, Mammut!


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