So a couple of …

So a couple of years ago I started a blog via Apple’s well-constructed iWeb application. And I did my best to keep it up-to-date, blogging about skiing, climbing, philosophy, film and books.

But when Steve Jobs announced  Apple would be shutting down, I lost interest. Haven’t posted even a cursory note since my first run down the river last spring. And there was a blast of negative reaction form my two most assiduous  blog readers. This from Rossco:

From Edmonton , red deer and Canmore, the leaves, they are a changin’
Rock climbers, hikers, birders its time to think about winter,  their tweakin’
they say there is a philosopher in town, givin checks on the spot
They say he is hirin’ and firing, givin cheques when its HOT
BUT across the land,  girls are passing notes with a new-found vigour
there all about beal on biblicism, wes’s woop de do and the first day on the water
BUT, there is an uprising, coming from the core of the people, the so called astro-logger
Where the F is the webs greatest BLOGGER!

And this from Jonsonite:

Whither goest thou G? Whither goest thou with thy shiny blog in the night…..?

Schulz and Jonsonite, they’ve been carryin the blog torch, man
Regular updates, pictures, hearts and minds…while G is on the porch, man
This absence of G blog is basically for dorks, man
Gonna poke out our eyes, not with foons or spoons or sporks…but FORKS, MAN!!!!!!!

Meat Loaf was wrong…two outta three IS bad, man
No entries or pics from G since May, well, it leaves us feeling had, man
Who cares about the river in spring?’s dryin up, it’s no longer Rad, man
…lack of G blog is like Rad Pants…basically not Rad, but SAD, MAN!!!!

G Funk is timeless, crossin all generations… sincere, man
he’s got lots to say…or so we hear, man
Time to get off the porch G, and have no fear, man
That iMac is close….the keyboard is near…..MAN!

I got the message.

So now I’ve moved to WordPress, and promise to post at least thrice a week.  After all, WordPress is free and (unlike iWeb) allows you to post  from any computer. There’s even a n easy app for my iPad.


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