ski mods

ImageI’ve been skiing on my Movement skis, Scarpa F3s, and Dynafit TLTs for one season now, and this gear  has greatly improved my control and technique.

Just after New Year, Ross, Zach, and I headed to the Pass for a few days. the boys noted that I only rarely wore the Dynafit boot shims, most while resort skiing.

Now the F3s are a great boot for touring because they feature a bellows similar to those found on the Terminator line of tele boots (and which were my last boots before moving  to AT gear). These bellows enhance motion while in  touring mode and especially while boot packing. But  when downhill skiiing, the bellows compress as the sole sags slightly, thereby effectively shortening the boot.  You can see the 10 mm gap under the bellows in the photo above. Hence the Dynafit shims. But the problem with the shims is that  they’re unduly bulky and, being hinged, accumulate snow underfoot.


So I decided to mill my own shims from a 10 mm thick nylon cutting board. I used a keyhole drill bit to cut  38 mm diameter pucks and then drilled them to accept wood screws. Then it was simply a matter of epoxying and screwing the  pucks to the ski directly under  the bellowed portion of the boot. Then I carefully sanded the top  surface of the pucks so  they won’t interfere with lateral release.ImageSo that’s one modification made. Can’t wait to get out and see what difference they make.


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